Looking Out of the Window


Hi, Welcome to Oscars!  What can I get ya?  Drink Specials today are Kahlua and Rolling Rock. Charlene has coconut shrimp for the lunch special.

–  Rolling Rock?   Sure. 

Well it seems that I am like a fish sometimes in here.  Know that song by Sheryl Crow?, “All I Wanna Do?” This place is like that.  From behind this bar I see and hear all kinds of things. Biggest one I think is women who are unhappy with thier relationships.  Now I can name quite a few who are wonderful girls, and for the life of me can’t understand why they are treated crappy.  I’d give the bar away for any one these girls.  Like my friend Betty, she’s so sweet. She comes by often, doesn’t drink much, but is a lunch friend and we chat. She’s getting divorced. Or my dream girl Jeannie, she’s had bad relationships. Charlene, is between fella’s and is nursing a broken heart.  Seems more are uncommitted rather than in a regular relationship.  Thats sad. What happened to romance and the want to be together?   Have we become a product of our environment? A culture based on whims and spur of the moment gratification?  Maybe I’m old school, but dating or enjoying a relationship was finding out about each other, learning SLOWLY about each other.  Now everyone is a couple right away,and becomes practically married after 2 dates.  Am I making any sense?   I have a friend Belinda, she has a crush on a co-worker and has his attention, but is so self consious, and insecure. Now I respect the hell out of her and sometimes wish i had her business savy, yet she on relationships is unsure.  She is so cautious and thinks too much. She needs to just be and stay herself. Maybe it came from bad relationships before.  She is a very pretty woman, smart, an eye catcher and a sweetheart, I’m a big fan.  I need to sit her down and talk to her.   Not from behind the bar. Guess bad relationships make you defensive, but to those who don’t know you, can make you seem uptight or cold.  Oh I don’t know. I get along with everyone.  Maybe its me. Everybodys friend, nobody’s lover.    All my favorite women are miserable.  Wish I could fix it!  LOL  Hang in there girls, Oscar loves you.  

MMMrrroooowww  Thats a cat.


 Boy,  Nobody wants to work today. Guess its the long weekend done that makes us lazy.

Shouts:  Always, Breathe, and The breakfast girl!

Have a nice day, come again!   



~ by Oscar on July 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Looking Out of the Window”

  1. How about playing U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I am Looking For”…Maybe that’s why we are so unhappy.

    Oscar, we all love you…

  2. I see this “Now everyone is a couple right away,and becomes practically married after 2 dates.” all to often myself. We are all becoming more needy for attention by the second. I don’t get it…I try to not fall victim to it myself, but it’s an ongoing battle. Maybe there isn’t enough taught about how to be independent and fulfilled at the same time?

    Lovin the specials…splash that Kahlua into a White Russian wonder and I’m all in! Coconut Shrimp…I’ll have to split that with you and Breathe to keep my diet in line!

  3. Poor Betty…she’s such a nice girl. She deserves better then what she had. She’ll find it. Good thing she has a nice friend like you to make her laugh!

    MMMrrroooowww Thats a cat!

  4. Good Thought Belinda. Nice reference!

    Comin’ up Always!

    Betty is awesome.

  5. I will take ANYTHING with alcohol in it right about NOW.

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