What, No Boobies?

  Here I thought if I did this internet stuff I’d see boobies like the guys at the VFW said I would, Now all I see is stuff about the bar and Lil Oscey whining.  Jesus Christ on a cracker!    Well he said to say whats special. SO TODAY IS buds. and them damned MOJITOS. LET Oscar and that cute little babe Charlene make them damned drinks.  Damned place is empty. I may close her down early and go bowling tonight. 

Sposed to shout at some bitches , but I forgot who the hell they are. Hello girls!

Who spilled all thet beer on the bar!!!   Jesus PETE!   Gotta go and clean the friggin mess.

oh, and  MMMrrrooowww   thats a cat.  whatever the fu$% that means.

Anybody know how I can see some boobies on this damned thing?



~ by Oscar on July 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “What, No Boobies?”

  1. i read this and it made me laugh…ur so strangely strange with this one oscar!

  2. Hi Betty! Wanna go out on a date? – Willy

  3. Jesus on a cracker…don’t you hate when they order Mojitos? who feels like muddling?

  4. Boobies are hidden from whoever tends the bar…didn’t they warn you about that? It’s the oldest rule in the book! No boobies for you…deal with it man!

    and I’ll take a “buttery nipple” shot…hurry it up!

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