I Dream of Jeannie


Hi, How are ya!  What can I get you? Drink specials are Bacardi Limon and Becks beer. Place is pretty quiet today. I think everyone is taking the day off for the long weekend.  Only a few regulars, the morning 3rd shift folk from the packing plant. Good day to catch up on re-stocking the bar, cleaning up a bit. Some ass wrote all over the bathroom wall some tasty remarks about one of our regular females. And for those who read it, It’s not true. They ARE real. Took me a while to clean it off.  BUT HEY, I’d rather tend bar and talk to you than clean up stuff like that!

So I’m cleaning this stainless steel pitcher and  rubbing it like a lamp.   I go into a daydream…

The bar door opens, a bright light shines through and there she is. Everytime I see her I melt. I told her once she’s a daydream come true. We flirt with each other all the time, get real chummy, then BAM she pulles away. I’m confused, I respond with no answers, I wait like a dog waiting for his master to come home from work to no avail. I get sad, wait more, then give up. Then as soon as I decide I’m gonna go after someone else, she pops up again and I forget all my sadness and am at her feet.   Its tough being Major Nelson.  Dr. Bellows says I’m crazy.   But she’s Sooooooooooo cute, she’s thin like me, funny, blonde hair……….. >POP<

huh, Oh sorry, another Bud? yeah sure.


Yes master!

Charlene has fish n’ chips today, can I get you an order? God Bless her pretty little heart.

Know where this is?



~ by Oscar on July 3, 2008.

One Response to “I Dream of Jeannie”

  1. Oh that Jeannie…she really knows how to keep you hanging on the line…what ARE we going to do about that? You’re as bad as me with the not letting go when we should… crazy us!

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