No, they don’t go hand in hand…  LOL   well come to think of it…

Hi, what can i get ya?   Drink Specials today are Stoli drinks and Budweiser, the king of beers!

The other day I was off to the dollar store to get some more paper plates.  There were no close parking spaces on this hot day, but I noticed there were 6 open handicap spots.  Well I wasn’t going to park there, but thought for a minute, hmmmm, I have handicaps.  Maybe I should get a sticker. Mentally handicapped and other stuff.  Like for example, my thinning hair, I can’t do anything about it, I have had to learn to live with it. Or, my failed relationships, I don’t get upset anymore as I’ve become used to it. Like someone with bad legs, they overcome this with crutches.  I overcome my handcaps with Scotch or Smithwicks Ales. LOL  Ok, only to a point. I guess I’ve just learned and been burnt so many times that it doesn’t hurt anymore. ( I sound like a bitter woman)  Gotta stop watching Lifetime channel. LOL  We all have our handicaps, obviously not as severe as the truly disabled, but worth being compensated for I believe! So officer, if my truck is parked in a handicap spot, be considerate, grab a beer from the back and leave me alone.  I won’t take the last spot.  🙂


Guy goes to the Dr.  Dr says “you have to stop Masturbating”, guy says “why” Dr says, “I’m trying to examine you”.     Thanks Leo he’s a regular.

Oh BTW!   We’re gonna expand our lunch menu soon. Charlene has some tasty ideas.







~ by Oscar on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Handicaps”

  1. Such good points oscar…i have many handicaps..mine are mainly of the mental type..LOL..and i think one of those spots should permanently have my name on the sign.

    you’re loving that progressive cat commercial aren’t you?? LOL

  2. What a great way to say we all have our own problems and hurts in this world and we all “feel” them as deep as the next person does. Looking “perfect” on the outside doesn’t always mean there aren’t lots of “handicaps” on the inside just waiting to rear their ugly heads up. Sheesh…I think I’ll take that Stoli before I start a preechin.

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