Be Yourself

Hi, What can I get you?  Drink Specials today are Malibu Bay Breezes (by popular demand) and Miller. Bloody Mary?  Sure.  We have a good mix here. Little spicy…..

Seems the last few days I’ve been telling everyone to just be themselves.  I get a lot of people running stuff past me here. so I know all the local dirt, who’s sad, happy, depressed or worried.   I try my best to comfort or console when i can.  Probably not a good thing for a bartender to get too wrapped up in his customers, but the regulars ane nice folk.  A friend of mine was gonna see a man she she still loves although they are on hiatus. She still wants him, but he is laying low. Now I can’t figure out why because she is a wonderful girl. But then again, nothing suprises me anymore. I’d take her in a heartbeat. 🙂   I try my best to keep her spirits up.  So she says to me, ” I don’t know what to say or do when I see him”. I said just be yourself.  Well, he wasn’t there so she never had that meeting.  But a lot of people feel they have to be different or change the way they address people. Once you start out as something you’re not, its tough to backpedal.  So when you come here, just be yourself,  or no umbrellas in your Bay Breeze. 🙂


Hey Bitch, don’t touch my Buds! AWWWWK!

Here a nice place Charlene was telling me about!

Hey I like this commercial, Progressive auto insurance. Don’t care about what it says but they give you pet insurance if you take a policy with them. The woman goes “MMMRRRoooowww, ..thats a cat.”   Don’t know why but I get a kick out of that.  Maybe I had too many Bass Ales last night.   click on the one that says pet injury coverage.

Man, the boys from the construction site just walked in, 6 buds comin’ up.






~ by Oscar on July 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Be Yourself”

  1. You know what…now you’ve done the unthinkable! You’ve put both baybreezes and bloody marys on special the very same day!! What’a a girl to do? I’ll have one of each please. Extra spicy on the latter.

    I agree…always be yourself.

  2. Coming right up! On the house!

  3. Oscar – you got one of my drinks as the special! Malibu Bay Breeze for me and put AlwaysKnewWe’dBefriends’ M.B.B. on my tab too. We’d both like an umbrella please.

    You’ve managed to crack me up again with the commercial.

    Tell Charlene that these dumb guys will never learn…they have these great women here and they don’t realize what they got!

  4. Both of you pretty ladies, drinks on me!

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