Is There Life After Sunday?

No, Unless you’re on vacation or something enjoyable. But having work these days IS a good thing.  Here at the bar it gets routine. It’s the characters that make the day a bit more interesting.  Oh, and when Charlene comes in…..  I’ve known her for many years and have always had a spot in my heart for her.  Anyway, friends usually help make the day go by.  Like Betty, she’s a sweet girl who I’ve come to know in the past few years. She could be my daughter. We joke that I’m her other dad.  She’s going through a hard time right now with some personal relationship stuff and I try my best to be supportive. She makes me laugh. AND she sings to me on the phone.  LOL    See, little things like that can put a smile on your face during a routine day.  I remember years ago my old friend Sandy asked me for a ride into work BTB (before the bar), as she needed to have her car serviced.  I pulled in front of her house and blew the horn. I waited about 10 minutes, then blew the horn again.  Finally I got out of the car and walked up to her door and rang the bell.  I heard rustling and the door flew open, and in front of me was Sandy, all wet in a towel. “SHIT! , I overslept, c’mon in” I followed her in and sat down at her kitchen table.  She left the room and said “help yourself to anything”

– you got any coffee?

-yes, in the cabinet.


-in the cabinet!

-which one?

She came in in just underwear and topless.

-here silly!

And she left.  I was a bit embarrassed, but the guy on my other shoulder was saying…”YES”! I made the coffee, poured 2 cups and fixed them.  I heard the hair dryer running and shouted, “we gotta get going”

-OK be done in a sec.


She came in all dressed nice and we finished our coffees. Darted into my car and drove to work. Just as we pulled into the lot, she said. “by the way, no one will believe you”.  Now that put a smile on my face.

Stuff like that always happens to me. LOL  But Who’s complaining.

Drink specials today are Michelob Ultra (for you carb freaks) and “Stoli” drinks.  I love how general that is. Its all the distributor deals.  Willy hates making vodka drinks. He just likes to pour straight shots and beers.

Know where this is?  Happy Monday!



~ by Oscar on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is There Life After Sunday?”

  1. Betty is happy she makes you laugh and she enjoys singing everything she is saying to you on the telephone.

    Your story cracked me up about Sandy….only you would have that happen Oscar.

  2. that story about Sandy is a crack up! I want be that girl. lol

    well, none of those drinks will work…how about a coloda?

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