Another Summer Weekend

Well its another summer weekend. Oh boy.  Hot as hell here. Not a lot of people at the bar today, they’re all away at the shore.  Good and Bad. Wish I was out there. Well neither Charlene or Jeannie panned out the other day.  So I just hung around the place all day by myself. Was ok though, paid some bills, fixed that sliding door, did the laundry. All fun stuff. Almost got all my chores done except as Cherlene would say, “Bud got in the way. ”   Wanted to got over her place yesterday but never did. I like her patio.  AND her company.

Specials today are Raspberry Martini’s. the young girls go nuts for them. Makes the day a little interesting…  Its funny when you hear them say, ” Oh I can handle it! ”  LOL. They do. Then I have to flag ’em. They get all pissy and curse at me, but by the time they leave they’re so sorry, and ” I love you Oscar, you’re the man!”   Go home and try some Kiwi Strawberry Snapple with some vodka and a shot or Dekuyper’s RazzMatazz. I call it the Redneck Red-Tini. 

Well I’ll be here all day. Gotta close the joint tonight. Pop by and I’ll give ya one on the house. But don’t get all silly on me!  Unless you’re looking for an old bartender to to be sweet with.  🙂





~ by Oscar on June 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another Summer Weekend”

  1. lately i’ve been wishing i was at the beach or the bar everyday myself….sorry nothing panned out 4 u this weekend and you ended up hanging w/ your sliding door. LOL

  2. thx for the recipe…I’ll report back just how “Redneck” it proves to be!

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