Hi, What can I get ya?

Todays Special

Drink specials today are Smithwicks ale (Schmittic’s) and Corona’s.  You want a Mojito or some fancy assed drink, come back later when Charlene is behind the bar. Especially when its busy, I don’t have time to wash the damned blender between popping tops and pouring beers. This ain’t TGI Fridays! Lemme give you a Corona on the house, being this is your first time. Goes down easy on a hot sunny day like today.  Cheers!

This place is like every other bar in town. It has its assortment of characters and true unvarnished charm. Kinda like in the song by Toby Keith ” I love This Bar“.  We take in all the strays.  We talk about all kinds of stuff here. Sometimes its even kinda scary , but we all end up finishing before last call and walk out together. 

Boy, days like this make me want so much to be out from behind this bar. Or at least behind this one: Cow Wreck Beach , preferably belly up to this one.   I like my job – don’t get me wrong, but I love the sunshine and the salt air. I think I must have been a seal in my previous life, as I enjoy feeling the sun on me, laying on rocks with my whiskers in the air.  A friend of mine said she’s like to quit her job and just work at this little place by the water. Doesn’t need much, just live off the bar snacks. (she’s a petite little lady, another story one day)  I told her thats my daydream, though I would like to have some of the fish in that water too.

But then we’d have to analyse if I was a seal and showed up at the stool. They’d either think I was cute or chase me away.  Definately wouldn’t get a Margartia, thats for sure.  They’d shoo my fishy smelling a$$ off the stool!   so I’m glad I’m who I am at this point.  Now I think I’d sit on the first seat to the right in the picture. This way the righty I am can easily grab a glass and my left hand can hold my head up after I’ve been there a few hours. I can meet all the nice people who sit by me, ( Hi Ladies, come here often?… I’m a record producer…,  I own that yacht over by the harbour….) nah, thats not me.  I’m just a regular guy. People say “He’s a nice F-ing guy!”  I’m just moving along through life, watching things around me and smiling.

Hi – a Mojito?   (Tourists,   augh)




~ by Oscar on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hi, What can I get ya?”

  1. Oscar, I’ll take an Amaretto…sour please.

    I’m sooo happy you made this new blog. I love how it developed from a simple idea and we made it into what it is today. 🙂

    That beach photo is exactly where I wish I was right now…if only I was a brave enough gal to ‘up and quit my job’ and move to an island to become a beach bum…I have nothing holding me back here except myself. I can take photos of tourists for 20 bucks each for spending cash…LOL

    I love how you got into a whole thing about if you were a seal. I laughed out loud.

    Can’t wait for more posts from Oscar’s Tavern.

  2. “They’d either think I was cute or chase me away.” That line cracks me up…it’s the “all or nothing”. Could be great or so so bad! Glad to see you’re new place up and running…and get some better specials my friend! Anything with Malibu Rum will do me fine.

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